Citizenship & Residence Assistance

One of our new VIP Concierge Services that we are now offering, is advice and assistance in obtaining Citizenship or Residence. Due to our strong contacts in the legal, accounting and governmental sectors, we are now in a position to offer this Concierge Service and guidance with confidence.

There are two main Schemes or Programmes on offer by the Maltese Government to non EU nationals. On the other hand if you are an EU national, being domiciled in Malta will enable you to benefit from Malta’s favourable tax structure.

Citizenship Assistance

Corporate, Business and Relocation Concierge Services

Our Corporate and Business Concierge Services along with our Relocation Concierge Services which includes interacting on your behalf with local estate agencies in order to find you the best rental properties or properties available for sale on the local market. This is more suited to EU nationals as this may involve company formation and/or relocating to Malta along with registering for tax. You can read more about this in our Relocation/Real Estate/Concierge Services section.

Both options are tied to local investment and property investment, and are open to Non EU nationals.

First Option

The Global Residence Programme (GRP), offers the applicant a residence permit in Malta with Schengen Visa/EU access (work & travel) in all EU countries apart from The United Kingdom. With this option you will pay Maltese income tax rates on money diverted to your Maltese bank account (income) since this scheme requires that you already have a property in Malta as well as a bank account. There are ways to minimize your tax liability. We would need to set up a meeting with our taxation and accounting colleagues to be more specific but suffice to say that the Maltese tax system and rates are among the most competitive in the EU.

Main Points of this scheme: 

Aquisition of Immovable Property (minimum €275,000/€220,000 in the South or Gozo), or Rental of Property for 5 years (minimum €9,600/€8,750 in the South or Gozo); pay minimum €15,000 income tax a year; application Fee €6,000/€5,500 in the South or Gozo); applicants must be in possession of valid Health Insurance.

Second Option

The second option is The Individual Investor Programme (IIP). This grants applicants a Maltese passport within one calendar year of submission of the required documents. Your family members are also eligible for Maltese (EU) Passports. The investment element required to acquire Maltese Citizenship and Passport is a mix of a contribution to the Maltese Government development fund, local shares/stocks as well as a property element. This is the only such scheme in the European Union that grants Citizenship (Passport) within a calendar year.

Main Points of the scheme:

Aquisition of Immovable Property (minimum €350,000/€275,000 in the South or Gozo), or Rental of Property for 5 years (minimum €16,000/€12,000 in the South or Gozo), €650,000 contribution to The National Development Fund of The Government of Malta, €150,000 investment in local stocks, shares or special purpose vehicles, applicants must be in possession of valid Health Insurance.

Both options grant the applicant access to work, travel and trade within the European Union. With direct access and without barriers you will be reaching a potential market of 300 million consumers.

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Includes following:

  • Permits & Passports

    • Obtaining Citizenship
    • Residence permits
    • Work permit Licences
    • Building permits/amendments permits
  • Medical & Health

    • Children’s health & dentistry requirements
    • Adult and paediatric care for elderly
    • Alternative Medicine or dietary consultations
    • Counselling and Psychology Services
    • Medical & Health Insurance
    • Dentist / Doctor’s appointments
    • Beauticians, Hairdressers, spas
    • Cosmetic surgeries/private Hospital consultations
    • Personal trainers, Gyms & Sports activities
  • Personal Arrangements/Errands

    • Searching for Educational institutes for children
    • Household repairs
    • Personal Shopping for clothing, groceries, gifts, etc.
    • Babysitting/Nanny Arrangements/Pet sitting & walking
    • Opening Bank accounts/ bank deposits
    • Hiring lawyers/accountants
    • Visit various shops, local council, restaurant reservation, pharmacies -pick up prescription
    • Duplicating keys, security alarms
    • Car wash/Yacht service/upholstery cleaning
    • Car/Boat/Bike rental
    • Catering, Personal Chef, specialized food service
    • Chauffeur and limousine services
    • Cleaning/Maid Services
    • Coordinate event details and catering
    • Couriers, PO Box
    • Driving lessons & licenses
    • Payment of all utility bills
    • Finding Storage for furniture, etc.
    • Garden & Pool maintenance services
    • Birthday and anniversary presents
    • Entertainment for family occasions
  • Real Estate & Related Services

    • Letting or purchasing property
    • Garage space & Commercial space
    • Undeveloped property
    • Summer residence
    • Refurbishing & extension of property
  • Travel & Hotel Arrangements

    • Travel/flight/cruise arrangements to various countries
    • Accommodations – hotels, private villas, island cabins
    • Travel insurance cover
    • Visa application or renewal
    • Weekend breaks Gozo/Sicily
    • Abroad Theatre, concerts, museums, events tickets
    • Taxis, chauffeur & restaurant reservations
    • Special VIP passes

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