Corporate Services

Our exclusive Corporate and Business Concierge Services offer support to businesses, their employees and board of directors. We firmly believe that if people’s lives to run more smoothly, then they will be more effective at work. This will ultimately lead to a stress free life.

It may be that your own staff do not have sufficient time, resources, contacts, experience or necessary skills needed for an important task or job here in Malta, that is where we come in. We will source the specific skills you need and can even administer the operations or task.

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Setting Up Limited Liability Company in Malta

If you want to set up a Limited Liability Company in Malta, you will benefit from free access for your goods, services within the EU market of 300 million and free movement for yourself and family within the European Schengen area. You will also benefit from favourable local corporate tax rates for any income diverted to Malta. We collaborate closely with professionals in various related sectors such as law, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, management, economics, corporate services, sales & marketing and trust management and set up.

Client & Corporate Servicing

We are very well positioned to service clients ranging from high net worth individuals, owner managed companies and larger corporations. We have established ourselves as a leading Corporate and Business Concierge providers on the island of Malta since we provide a wide array of corporate services (from very start, company formation) and have strong contacts in the following sectors; financial services, tax law, immigration law, trusts and estate planning, expatriate law, ICT law, gaming and intellectual property law.

Tax Planning

It may be advisable to set up a company or trust to administer and hold your local property investments. We can advise you on the advantages and benefits of tax benefits and the use of tax efficient Maltese companies and trusts. We are also able to work with overseas advisors or wealth managers to use any existing corporate or trust structures that may already be in place.

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Includes following:

  • Office space & amenities

    • Rental of virtual office
    • Finding or moving to new or other office premises
    • Building & Remodelling office
    • Research for office furniture/heating-aircon system
    • Relocating to company to another country
    • Mobile, Satellite, Internet Services & Renewal of prescription
  • Organising & Arrangements

    • Organizing Conferences
    • Events/Forums up to 1000 attendees
    • Courses /Training of staff
    • Organising accommodations/rental of vehicles incl. excursions for guests
    • Promotional material including Local media
  • Relocation of Personnel

    • Hotel Reservations for staff & guests/members
    • New company formation/registration audits/income tax services
    • New Company Bank Accounts/Credit card
    • Research for new office space and purchase of office equipment
    • Rental of virtual office & accounting procedures
    • Building & Remodelling offices & Interior Design
    • Company Cars cleaning/service/maintenance and repairs.
    • Insurance Covers – Staff, Personal, Office, Security Alarms, etc
    • Courses in Training and Hiring new Staff
    • Security Services and systems
    • Organizing Staff Parties, events, forums, promotions
    • Babysitting/Nanny Arrangements
  • Travel/Flight/Hotel Arrangements

    • Booking of flights & accommodation
    • Travel insurance
    • Corporate rates for group travel
    • Booking of events, forums, concerts etc.
    • VIP services
  • Legalities & Permits

    • Vat return/Income Tax service
    • Audit/Accountants
    • Work permits, residential permits
    • Social Security services

Relocation Assistance & Real Estate

We have a team of dedicated VIP Real Estate assistants who have been trained to seek and negotiate the best prices around Malta to ensure that your experience in purchasing or renting property will be as straightforward as possible.

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Personal Assistance

When travelling abroad on business or settling in a new country, you may not know where to look for particular services. At Concierge Services we will do our utmost to get any job done in the minimum possible time with the best results.

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Citizenship & Residence Assistance

The Malta Individual Investors Programme, or more commonly known as the Citizenship programme offers a unique opportunity to have an EU passport that will open a myriad of doors for you and your family.

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Lifestyle Management

Equipped with the necessary knowledge of where to find things and where to go, life in Malta can certainly be intriguing and interesting. Our team of VIP Personal assistants will ascertain that your experience on the island will be of the highest quality.

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