Personal Assistance

When travelling abroad on business or settling in a new country, you may not know where to look for particular services. At Concierge Services we will do our utmost to get any job done in the minimum possible time with the best results.

Whether you require babysitting services, a chauffeur, a personal shopper, gardening, or even pet care, we can not only assist you, but also do it for you. We also offer a VIP service to ensure that nothing hinders you from getting on with your commitments. Our team of personal assistants will make sure that all your needs are catered for while our virtual assistance package will also help you achieve your desired goals with outstanding results.

personal assistance

We offer you an array of personalized services that will make your life easier and less hectic, which in turn frees up more time for you. This will make your work more efficient and your personal life more relaxed. A virtual receptionist or secretary can schedule medical, chiropractic, dentist or any other appointments for you and your family. We can book your calendar, answer the phone, or make follow-up calls to potential clients. A Legal Office Assistant can bring knowledge of the Law in Malta as well as specific support or communications with busy legal firms to cater to your personal and business requirements to keep you and family safe and sound.

A Virtual Property Assistant will help to liaise with local real estate agents if you are looking to rent or purchase property here. Dealing with a multitude of estate agents is very time consuming therefore our service of assisting with appointments and selecting properties will save you a lot of time.  We can also provide Executives with a personal assistant to help manage appointments scheduling, travel and accommodation booking and setting up business meetings.

The virtual assistant we select to work with our clients have a wealth of experience, are well trained and are always willing to help whether you need personal, administrative or technical assistance.

Each person or family has unique requirements and philosophies. Whether you work in legal, trade, logistics, investments, finance, health sector, sales & marketing, or any other industry sector, our Intelligent Office can offer you the solutions you require to meet your lifestyle demands taking care of all the necessities whilst you are concentrating on earning a living for your family. We want to understand you better therefore we LISTEN to you. Before we embark on a relationship we request that our clients complete a free Needs Analyses so we can understand the way your life and business works to familiarize and adapt the kind of services or outsourced skills you need. This allows us to create our personal strategy and customized solutions that will allow you to focus solely on the big picture, leaving the tiny details to your Intelligent Assistant. This will make your life much easier and you will be able to enjoy Malta in more ways than you would have ever thought possible.

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Includes following:

  • Medical

    • Medical GP/Pediatricians/Dental/Dermatology
    • Fertility Treatments/Consultations
    • Midwife Service/Maternity & Postnatal Requirements
    • Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery arrangements Packages
    • Private Hospital Arrangements
    • Medical Insurance
    • Stem Cells Arrangements
  • Health & Beauty

    • Personal Trainer/Gym enrollment
    • Spa services/ Massage therapy
    • Personal Hairdresser/
    • Beautician/ Personal Nail tech/ Make up Artist
    • Life Coaches
  • Errands & Personal Shopping

    • Groceries & Pharmaceutical Shopping
    • Personal shopping for clothing, shoes, gifts, drapery, etc.
    • Returns/exchanges of items purchased
    • Laundry/Folding/Ironing Service
    • Bank deposits/ Bill & Untility payments
    • Copies of keys/Flower delivery, special occasion purchases etc.
    • Internet/Mobile/phone/Skype/Satellite/television
    • PO Box at Post office/ Courier Service
    • Overseas cargo/transportation/documentation handling with Customs
    • Holiday arrangements for the whole family
  • Home Services

    • Research for best appliances/heating-ac systems
    • Property Maintenance/Home Organizing projects
    • improvement estimates including Manage repair and construction projects
    • Relocation packing/moving
    • House & garage clean out/Preparation for Family Arrival
    • Liaison with home vendors (plumbers, electrician, cable, etc.)
    • House sitting: check mail, water plants, maintaining pool & Aquarium
    • Landscaping/tree service/yard cleanup/Decking etc
    • Building & Remodeling house/apartments/office incl. Architects/Interior Design
    • Drafting of Building permits/Dealing with the Authorities
      *(following up building/remodeling sites to follow up & organize).
  • Family & Pets

    • In house Cooking/Maid/Private Chef
    • Child minding/Au pair/Minding the elderly
    • Finding Private Schools-Tuition-Daycare-Bilingual school
    • Personal Services/ Personal shopper
    • Vets/Pet Walkers/Groomers/Pet sitting
  • Insurance Cover Policies

    • Automotive/ Buildings/House Content/Travel/Life Insurance/Personal Liability
      search for the best insurance company to suit your requirements (incl. Dental coverage)
    • Security/Home Alarms/Security Gates, Dogs, Guards
  • Party and Event Planning

    • Wedding Coordination/ Planning/Special Occasion Parties
    • Venue & Entertainment Proposals research
    • Special requirement: Specialized Chefs, Photographers, Videos, Floral Displays
    • Plan menus & Catering management
    • Invitation sending & RSVP list coordination including Thank you notes
  • Entertainment & Leisure & Travel

    • Restaurant/movie/theatre reservations
    • Sporting events/special events
    • Tours- Day trips/museums/art galleries/special viewings
    • Travel/Flight Arrangements
    • Weekend breaks Gozo/Sicily or Worldwide
    • Airport & other privileged memberships
    • Holiday Destinations Packages including exclusive getaways.
    • Rental car & Tour arrangements

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